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Ten things you’ll love about Kids on Rennie

Kids on Rennie Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten
As the building of Kids on Rennie comes close to completion, we thought we’d give you a little insight into what makes our early learning centre and kindergarten so special. We are in the final stages of construction and landscaping now, so not too much longer!

Whilst our opening time is subject to regulatory approvals, we’re currently busy getting ready to fit out our space with beautiful furniture and plenty of engaging, natural resources. Recruitment has commenced, and we are excited about the team of passionate staff and educators we are starting to bring together to form part of the Kids on Rennie community. 

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to browse our website, where you can find information on our vision, mission, core values and philosophy, as well as our blog, some FAQ and how to place your child on our ever growing waiting list.

In the meantime, we’d love to share with you ten things you’ll love about Kids on Rennie.

Ten things about Kids on Rennie you're sure to love

1. We are designed by families for families

We are family owned and operated, and have a strong connection to Melbourne’s west. We embrace the participation of families in our community and aim to develop honest and open relationships with parents and caregivers. Transparent and regular communications with families are essential to what we do.

2. Relationships and connections are important to us

We believe that meaningful, warm and trusting relationships are critical for children and families to feel a sense of belonging and identity, and to ensuring the best education and care for children. We embrace the participation of families in our community and aim to develop honest and transparent relationships with parents and caregivers. Through transparent, regular and compassionate communication, we believe we can best support each family’s needs.

3. We believe in holistic wellbeing

Children are our community’s most precious treasure. In addition to their safety and education, each child’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing is at the core of everything we do. Kids on Rennie provides a nurturing and stimulating environment, where children are inspired to explore, create and imagine; to challenge themselves; to take healthy risks; and to develop a sense of belonging and identity.  

4. We employ passionate, experienced and enthusiastic educators

All educators are carefully selected based on their passion, their commitment to children’s safety and wellbeing, their professionalism and dedication to ongoing development, their demonstration of human virtues, and their warmth and compassion for children, families, and fellow educators.

5. We honour and respect children’s rights

We adhere to the rights of children, educators, families, and the wider community, and acknowledge the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We make decisions that respect each child’s rights, culture, identity and strengths. We encourage the development of each child’s awareness and exercise of their rights, and their recognition of the rights of others. We are committed to ensuring Child Safety Standards and have zero tolerance towards risk or harm towards children.

children sitting at kindergarten

6. Nutrition and active play are important to us

All of our delicious, healthy and nutritious meals will be prepared on site in our modern kitchen and are included in our fee. Our gorgeous outdoor space will encourage children to use their sensory and motor skills in a natural setting.

7. We are committed to sustainable practice and caring for the environment

Kids on Rennie will demonstrate and role model sustainable practices, and we’re dedicated to reducing our footprint on the environment. This will be reflected in our educational program, learning spaces, and everyday operation of our centre. Natural learning spaces are provided both indoors and outdoors, and we are committed to minimising our use of plastics and adopting electronic communication and storage to reduce the use of paper.

8. Our educational program is holistic

The flexible, play-based learning at Kids on Rennie is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, and further supported by a commitment to positive education. Our educational program and everyday care are underpinned by helping children engage their strengths and human virtues, including courage, honesty, gratitude, and a sense of service, whilst acknowledging each child’s diversity and individual interests.

9. Our local community, its history and indigenous heritage is embedded into our program

We respect the local area, its history, and the land upon which we inhabit, and pay respects to our indigenous heritage. We are dedicated to forging a strong affiliation with the local Lara and Greater Geelong community, & welcome partnerships with local groups and organisations.

10. We embrace the beautiful diversity of our families

We embrace and recognise every child and family’s cultural background and individual circumstances. They are valued for what they bring to the Kids on Rennie community. Our community is an inclusive one, in which warm and trusting relationships between children, families and educators are seen as critical to ensuring the best education and care for children.