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Take a sneak peak inside our childcare centre in Lara!

It’s an exciting time at Kids on Rennie!

We’ve now been open just over a month and wow it’s been a hub of activity over at 41 Rennie Street! We’ve had lots of families join us for orientation and care over the past five weeks, as well as lots of new families dropping in to see hello – and we are loving every minute of it!

We’ve welcomed lots of new staff members (which we will introduce to you by social media over the coming few weeks), including our wonderful chef Harry who is a hit with children and families with the lovely aromas coming from the kitchen, and our delightful kindergarten teacher Tarryn who is Montessori-trained and has a fine eye for quality teaching and pedagogy. 

What we have enjoyed the most are the wonderful connections we have made with so many beautiful families and children in the Lara community and beyond. We are honoured to do what we do – to provide quality early learning and care to students in a centre that has been developed as a home away from home. 

What’s next for us at Kids on Rennie?

We are looking forward to continuing to build our connections and relationships with children and families. We’re also exploring some of the incursions and excursions that our children can start undertaking as a regular basis, with a focus on mindfulness and virtues, as well as investing in some quality outdoor equipment for our children as our centre grows.

We’d love to hear from our community about ways in which we can ensure that we are providing the education and care for your children. If you have any ideas, please drop us a line or pop in – we’d love to speak to you about your ideas!