Our rooms and programs

Gum Rooms (Babies and our littlest toddlers)

Our Red Gum Room and Blue Gum Room provide our littlest learners (0 to 2 years old) with a safe space to feel nurtured, explore and experience singing, reading, movement, art and sensory play. 

Our Educators are specialised in educating and care for 0-2 year olds, and provide a safe, caring and warm environment in which our babies are cared for and our littlest learners start to explore their surroundings.

We have a dedicated fridge for breastmilk and formula, and two cot rooms for our babies to sleep. We use beautiful cotton jersey cot sheets for our babies and, consistent with safe sleeping practices, will ensure our Educator ratios are met within cot rooms. 

Our babies yard is separated from the rest of our outdoor area, ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

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Wattle Rooms (Little toddlers)

Our Golden Wattle Room and Hedge Wattle Room allow our 2-3 year old toddlers to form meaningful relationships with their Educators, help develop their social skills, and develop their love of learning in a stimulating environment.

As they stride into developing and understanding their independence, our Educators will guide our little toddlers through interactive learning experiences. 

Our little toddlers have access to incredible indoor and outdoor learning spaces, including a sandpit, specialised art space to get messy and creative, and reading corners for quiet and reflective times.

Bark Rooms (3-4 year olds)

Our Ironbark Room and Stringybark Room are tailored for our 3 year old and 4 year old (early kinder) children to have fun through learning, build on their language and communication skills, and foster independent thinking.

Our Educators will encourage our 3 and 4 year olds to build their confidence as they explore their love of learning and relationships with their world and the people around them. Our bigger toddlers have access to a large outdoor area with climbing equipment, and an abundance of resources indoor including a dedicated art space and quiet reading corners.

Banksia Rooms (4 years plus and Kinder Program)

Our Coast Banksia Room and Silver Banksia Room are specially designed for our (biggest) little learners aged 4 and over. We assist them in transitioning to Prep by promoting decision-making and social skills in a supportive environment.

Our focus in these rooms is school readiness, which includes a focus on social skills, building positive relationships, encouraging children to explore their interests and strengths, and working with parents and families to ensure the best preparation for school. 

Our kinder children will have access to an art area, our fabulous IG3 interactive whiteboard, and wonderful outdoor spaces which allow for different educational experiences.