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Kinder in a Long Day Care setting

Are you stuck deciding between a traditional sessional based kinder, or a kinder program in a long day care setting for your child?

Did you know Kids on Rennie provide a Kindergarten program with 2 Qualified Early Childhood teachers?

The primary goal for any kindergarten program, is to provide a fun, safe, educational, and nurturing environment for your child, and a smooth transition into school life. Kindergarten in a long day care center can provide even more than this.

The current Kids on Rennie Kindergarten program is open for enrolments for 2021 and beyond. Our educational programs are designed to encourage progression in your child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language skills.

  • Like sessional kindergartens, we also follow the Early Years Learning Framework, and National standards, and are regularly assessed by our Regularly Authority.
  • We have 2 Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers working directly with the children covering an 8-hour day.
  • We are open 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, including school holidays. We can support working families and busy daily routines with more flexible pick up and drop off times, allowing children time and space to reach the goals we set.
  • Healthy meals. Our full-time chef Harry provides not only government approved nutritional meals, but also spends time doing cooking classes focusing on nutrition and educational lessons around different types of food and where it comes from with all our children. Learning to try different types of foods, growing our own and sitting together at mealtimes is a daily learning opportunity. We also have Friday night take-home meals for families to purchase.
  • Fees – we do not have kinder fees on top of our daily fee. The daily fee is covered by childcare subsidy. Families would just pay the normal gap fee. Free kindergarten is available for 15 hours to eligible families…/how-much…
  • We provide care for 0-6 year olds. This can benefit families with younger children too, by having one drop off and pick up point, children can visit siblings during the day, and learn so much from interacting with a mixed an age range of peers. Older children have the opportunity to take responsibility and be leaders and role models to younger children, a valuable skill in confidence and communication when going into a school yard.

Sometimes we can have all the information, but need to trust our instincts. We highly recommend coming in to see us, and even bring your child too. This way you can meet the teachers, see the classroom and play yard, and make an informed decision on what is best for your family. You are welcome anytime.